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Services and Amenities

Security and Peace of Mind

You and your family can have peace of mind knowing Residence Portofino offers a safe and secure living environment. Our 'peace of mind' services include:

Residence Portofino Nurse

Other 'peace of mind' services and amenities at Residence Portofino:

Shops and services in the Residence:


Residence Portofino haircut Residence Portofino store



Residence Portofino, a Montreal retirement home for seniors, offers a safe and secure living environment to help you preserve
your independence. Our peace of mind services include 24/7 nursing assistance, qualified, caring attentive staff and more.

Residence Portofino
3225 boul. Gouin Est  |  Montreal Nord, Quebec   H1H 5V8
Tel : 514-321-0880  |  Fax : 514-321-7073

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